Dressed up as Rambo, circa 1987

Dressed up as Rambo, circa 1987

Here is a picture of small frank.

FRANK TUPTA (TUP like UP) grew up in a haunted house in Cleveland. His favorite holiday is Halloween. He still dresses up every year. He currently lives in Peninsula, Ohio surrounded by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with his wife, children's book author + illustrator Lindsay Ward, their two boys, and Sally, a rambunctious pit-bull\lab mix who keeps things interesting by chasing coyotes in their backyard.

If you'd like to know more about small Frank and the kind of shenanigans he used to get into, read BROBARIANS by his wife, Lindsay. The character Otto is based on him.

Most days you can find Frank writing, walking Sally with his family, driving around on his tractor, or co-running www.critterlit.com with his wife, a website offering free critiques and advice for up-and-coming authors and illustrators.


HERE IS A Frank Timeline.

  • 1946  Highlights Magazine is released.

  • 1958 Danny and the Dinosaur is published.

  • 1970  The Sweet Smell of Christmas is published.

  • 1980  The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash is published.

  • 1984  Born on October 13th. Begin love for all things Halloween.

  • 1984-1988  Danny and the Dinosaur, The Sweet Smell of Christmas, and The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash are read until bindings come a part at the seams. 

  • 1985  Slept in haunted house.

  • 1987  Developed fear of basements.

  • 1988  Beetlejuice is created and is subsequently watched until the VHS breaks.

  • 1989  Conquered Hidden Pictures in Highlights Magazines at a doctor's offices all over Northeast Ohio.

  • 1990  Eternal sadness...the 80’s and all of its music and cinema comes to an end.

  • 1997  Wrote and illustrated first picture book, Writings "R" Us. An instant classic.

  • 1999  Survived middle school.

  • 2000  High school begins....

  • 2003  Escaped high school.

  • 2004  Allegheny College. Go Gators!

  • 2007  Bench presses 225 for 30 reps.

  • 2008  NCAA Division 3 Track and Field National Championship | Graduate college | Full-time adulting begins.

  • 2009 Lost in the shuffle for a few years…

  • 2013  Married my best friend.

  • 2014  Search begins for original copies of Danny and the Dinosaur, The Sweet Smell of Christmas  and The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.

  • 2015  Brought a tiny human into the world. | Search ends. Amazon order arrives. | Finished first manuscript. (Busy year!)

  • 2016  Danny and the Dinosaur  is found in parent's basement.

  • 2017  Brought another tiny human into the world. Proud papa of two boys.

  • 2018  Sold first manuscript.

  • Future  Always upta something....

Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Ward

Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Ward

Here is a picture of big Frank.